Carmen Fontana

Emerging Tech Leader, Enthusiast, and Investor

My zen is when

innovation meets data-driven decision making.

As a girl tinkering with our family’s Commodore 128, I became fascinated with how lines of code can transform into meands for personal communication and entertainment.

In college, I learned how things like machine learning give us insight into complicated issues like climate change.

And today, I get excited about how technology can help bring us together to solve new problems.

Emerging Tech


Specializing in high-growth teams. I like to turn ambiguity into action.


Speaker and writer. See some of ramblings below.


Excited about deep tech, underrepresented founders, and anything that will make the world a better place.

Awards & Honors

Case Western Reserve University Merititous Service Award

Education & Certifications

Master of Engineering, Case Western Reserve University - Integrated Computer Engineering and Management Degree

Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Case Western Reserve University - Systems & Control Engineering

Data & AI

  • Microsoft Professional Program, Artificial Intelligence
  • Microsoft Professional Program, Data Science
  • Executive Data Science Program, John Hopkins University/Coursera

Cloud & Security

  • AWS Cloud Practitioner Certificate
  • Certified Information Security Manager CISM (in progress!)
  • Google Cloud Certified Cloud Digital Leader (in progress!)

Emerging Tech

Product, Sales & Marketing

  • Design Thinking Certificate, Rutgers University
  • Sandler Sales Training
  • Hubspot: Inbound Sales
  • Hubspot: Content Marketing

Contact Carmen



(216) 534 - 2894

Media Appearances

  • Mobile World Congress: the right place and time for technical innovation, The AI Journal, March 2023
  • Building a sustainable pipeline of female talent, Electronic Specifier, March 2023
  • MWC 2023: Can AI-embedded 6G 'greenify' next-gen networking?, IT Pro, March 2023
  • The Wisdom of Smart Devices, IEEE Transmitter, March 2023
  • Meritorious Service Award, CWRU, Case Alumni Association, October 2022
  • True Believer, Case Alumni Association, September 2022
  • Thinking About Using Wearables in the Workplace to Reduce Stress?, EHS Today, June 2022
  • Just How Accurate Is Your Fitness Tracker?, IEEE Transmitter, May 2022
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  • 5 Predictions for How Technology will Impact Society in 2020, IEEE Transmitter, January 2020
  • 3 Experts Discuss How to Navigate the Challenges of IoT, IoT Agenda, September 2019

Past Speaking Engagements

  • Mobile World Congress (Barcelona), Is There Anything That Can't Be Connected? (panel), March 2023
  • Women in Analytics, Biohacking the (Aging) Distance Runner Body, July 2021
  • HBA, Virtual Care, Real Results: Extended Reality in Healthcare Space, May 2021
  • IEEE WIE ILC, Biohacking the (Aging) Distance Runner Body, April 2021
  • GetWitIt, Biohacking the (Aging) Distance Runner Body, April 2021
  • Centric Consulting CampIO, Biohacking the (Aging) Distance Runner Body, August 2020
  • AITP, Tech Trends for 2021, February 2021
  • CIO Roundtable, Emerging Technology Trends, December 2020
  • SIM, Is Your Software Development Capability Truly Modern?, September 2020
  • Grange Insurance, Internet of Things: Turning IoT Obstacles Into Opportunities, September 2020
  • WITI, Speed Mentoring Event, July 2020
  • CWRU, Career Navigation in a COVID-19 World, June 2020
  • Boston AWS Group, IoT as a Platform, Including for Alexa, June 2020
  • CWRU, Women of Wonder Career Series, June 2020
  • StirTrek, Innovation at End of Life: Using Virtual Reality and Design Thinking to Improve Hospice Care, May 1, 2020 (CANCELLED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS)
  • ADIT, Bone Cancer to Boston Marathon: The Power of Outrageous Goal Setting in Dark Times, March 2020
  • The WIT Network, Bone Cancer to Boston Marathon: The Power of Outrageous Goal Setting, February 2020
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